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The best way to learn about many features of this website is to visit it and sign up as a member (it is free to sign up). It is a community directory, a place where consumers and advertisers meet and exchange information.
The public features include:
  • local business directory and classifieds, access to listings and coupons
  • local search engine - lets visitors quickly find information using keywords
  • current local weather information
  • selection of current local news
Functions on the consumer membership level:
  • post a classified
  • bookmark listings
  • mailing list sign-up
  • print multiple coupons
Functions on advertizer membership level:
  • create or change business listing in a form of a mini-website, which can contain up to five pages of content, and up to five coupons or special offers; business can be listed in up to three categories
  • monitor visits to the business listing
  • access consumers through the E-Mall e-mail notifications
The site is supported with administration site. Majority of the content is database-driven.
Graphic Design
This project required a clean and crisp design, mainly because of the quantity of features and information on the site. The combination of light blue and warm orange creates an inviting friendly look.
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