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As all of our newest websites, this one too was built on our original PHP template engine, which maximizes the website's search-engine readiness and ease of maintenance, at the same time minimizing the upkeep costs.
The site features a simple shopping cart with PayPal checkout. The wholesale registration form allows for a wholesale account setup. Once the form is filled in and submitted, an e-mail is sent to the site administrator with the registration information. Upon approval, the wholesale account is created. The registered wholesaler can log in with a username and password, and view and purchase products at wholesale price.
Through the site administration interface the administrator can:
  • Manage product pricing
  • Manage collected and self-entered email addresses
  • Compose, preview, and send a newsletter to the mailing list
Graphic Design
The website logo is our original. The graphics were very much influenced by the look of the products being sold, as well as the client's specific requests. The colors are bright and cheerful, and the shapes playful, to appeal to potential fun card games buyers, who are also oriented towards outdoors activities. Large friendly buttons make the navigation through the website very user-friendly.
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