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Although at first sight this website looks small and simple, it is actually the largest project in our portfolio so far in terms of scope and functionality.
The site was partially in place when we took the project over, and it was built on Microsoft technology using Access database. The problem was the database became too complex and too big for the technology to handle it.
Instead of coping with the limitations of the existing system, it was decided to rebuild the whole site using PHP/MySQL combination. The result is a site by far faster and easier to maintain, with ability to grow smoothly.
The website consists of three sections: public site, wholesale site, and administration section. The wholesale site, which is reserved only for registered and approved wholesellers, and the administration section are password-protected. Both the public and the wholesale sites feature shopping carts, each with appropriate pricing. Shipping for the public site is being calculated using UPS shipping charts, which are built into the database.
Following are the features of the administration section:
  • Product Maintenance - Items can be added, deleted or modified, and their thumbnail and full size images uploaded or changed. Different pricing for retail and wholesale can be assigned for a particular item, which will show up on the public/wholesale sites accordingly.
  • Wholeseller Maintenance - When a Dealer Application is submitted from the Lillian Rose website, the application information is placed in the database. The client has to approve the application by supplying a new Lillian Rose customer code, or decline the application.
  • Online Store Listing is the Lillian Rose database of wholesellers who wish to have their stores listed on the general Lillian Rose website. Retail customers who visit the site will be able to do a general Store Search of these customers to purchase merchandise.
  • Order Maintenance is a record of all orders placed through the wholesale portion of the Lillian Rose website.
  • Ecards are electronic cards that general website users are able to send to friends and family through the Lillian Rose website. The cards are categorized into Ecard Categories. All cards, images and categories can be maintained through this portion of the administrative site.
  • Show Calendar - the administrator can enter events where Lillian Rose will be represented by entering the show name, start and end date and description. The list of events shows up on the wholesale portion of the site.
  • Sales Reps - this is the section for maintaining the list of sales representatives, which is shown on the wholesale site.
Graphic Design
The site was designed by the client's in-house designer. All images and color specifications were provided by the client.
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